Thursday, February 23, 2017

Plan a Fun 
Company Retreat! 

Siebert Realty has a long history of closing our office doors for a few days to hold our annual company seminar.  

We love our seminars as it gives us a better understanding of how to improve our company, as well as our own attitudes, in a fun and creative way!

Each year, our managers plan the event in secret and surprise our staff with a fun theme... whether Viva Las Vegas, Dude Ranch, Disney, Super Heroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Survivor, and much more. The learning sessions are always educational, but with a light-hearted twist and use of wording towards our theme. 

Dividing the employees into groups is a great way to instill teamwork. Our staff learns to work together in problem solving exercises, as well as competing in various games (many on the beach), and it's also a great way to introduce members of different departments to each other... as many don't normally work together on a daily basis. Example: Accounting... working closely with members of the Maintenance Department. 

Team building generates a better understanding and mindfulness of the company as a whole and of other members' responsibilities within the company. Our annual seminars are not only educational, but FUN as we strongly believe having FUN on the job makes us more creative, more productive, and ultimately more satisfied. But the fun goes much deeper – it’s in having a positive attitude, in accomplishments, and in bringing passion to work every single day. Moreover, our customers benefit from our renewed SMILES... whether on the phone or in person, and that's always good for the "bottom line"!

Our Seminar also gives us a chance to renew our
Company Mission Statement:
We Strive to Provide,
Our Guests with Great Memories,
Our Owners with Excellence,
Our Team Members with Camaraderie,
and do it all with Integrity and Great Fun!

We encourage other companies, churches, and groups to consider having a beach retreat to build stronger bonds with your fellow team members. Many of our rentals are perfect for hosting large groups by offering:

  ~ Spacious Multiple Living Areas   
  ~ HUGE Theater Rooms (for presentations)
  ~ Large Gourmet Kitchens
  ~ Indoor Heated Pools
  ~ Swirling Hot Tubs
  ~ Pool Tables

Check out our larger rentals at: 
Corporate Retreats Rentals

We always leave our annual event with a renewed passion to be better employees and forge ahead with positive attitudes towards our owners, our guests, and each other for the upcoming year.  We look forward to helping you host your next retreat. See you at the beach!

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