Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Dolphin's Promise

Norfolk has mermaids, the Outer Banks has horses, Richmond has rockfish… and now Virginia Beach has dolphins! A Dolphin’s Promise is a non-profit organization working in partnership with the City of Virginia Beach to bring hundreds of life size sculptures of dolphins to the shores and neighborhoods of our beautiful city. 

This is a project with a very important purpose; to raise one million dollars for cancer research and to help save and protect marine life. Ninety percent of all money raised will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation with the remaining ten percent going to the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program. Each uniquely decorated dolphin will serve as our city’s promise to do all we can to help fight cancer. 

In the beginning:  
Cindy Graf and Jean Siebert

The following letter was written by the Founder of “A Dolphin’s Promise”, Cindy Graf

In 1999, my mother passed away at the age of 64 from colon cancer. Since that day, I knew that I needed to create a legacy for her.  I have been given so much in this lifetime; now I felt it was my time to give something back and to make a contribution to society in a greater way using my talents as an artist and combining them with a project that could raise money to fight cancer seemed the perfect match. I chose the dolphin because to me it embodied all of the qualities that I so admired and loved in my mother - her grace, her compassion, her quiet inner beauty, and her giving spirit that profoundly touched everyone she met.  I felt the dolphin would be the perfect symbol of her hope and compassion. 

Cindy Graf with the 1st & only Livestrong Dolphin at Siebert Realty
My journey took me to a woman named Jean Siebert at Siebert Realty.  I told Jean of my dream to create a Livestrong Sculpture project using the dolphin and without hesitation she said to me "I think it's a wonderful idea, let's make this happen!" Then she said "tell me what you need." With that she handed me a check and so began my dream with the help of one exceptional person with a good heart who said "yes." 

~ Cindy Graf

Private citizens, groups, organizations, and corporations can all get involved in this exciting project. There are many levels of sponsorship, each with its own benefits and rewards. We encourage everyone to be involved in this “one of a kind” project. All funds will be handled by the Virginia Beach Foundation. For more information or to become a sponsor, visit Dolphins Promise Facebook Page

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