Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fun and Luxury of Private Pools!

Have you ever gone on a long-awaited beach vacation at a high-end hotel or luxury resort, excited to spend a few days lounging by the pool, only to find that you have to get up at dawn to reserve enough chairs for your group? Or that the cast of "The Jersey Shore" seems to be staying at the same resort that week, and their favorite activity is playing a loud game of pool volleyball each afternoon?

When it comes to Swimming Pools, Siebert Realty vacationers are treated to pure luxury with over 180 beach home rentals offering private swimming pools for guest use.  We also have nearly 60 condo rentals with beautiful luxury pools as an added amenity.  Having your own pool means... "No sand, no waves... just the calm waters of your very own oasis!"

Siebert Realty vacationers have the ultimate freedom to take a dip whenever they like, always having a comfortable chair right beside the pool, and relaxing with loved ones far from the crowds typically found at hotels or luxury resorts. They can enjoy quiet moments reading a book, sipping their morning coffee, or watching a brilliant sunrise or sunset. Our sparkling private pools are basically like a second living area... providing the perfect gathering place for everyone to catch up at the end of the day... to compare notes on the day’s adventures, and plan the next great activity.  It's a place to bond, to laugh, and to share.
A casual poolside dinner, preferably a traditional seafood feast, is also a favorite "must-do" while enjoying the cool Sandbridge breezes and fresh salt air.  The kids, of course, LOVE having a private pool... ready to show off their boundless energy - whether diving for gold, snorkeling, playing Marco Polo or simply trying to make the biggest cannonball splash!  And let's not forget Dad's role. A pool can bring out his superhero... giving him the pleasure of finally teaching his child how to swim.  These are all truly special moments that bond us and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Most owners offer their pools for guests' use through September 26th... and some generously extend their pool season into October (check individual listings for availability dates).  The weather is still beautiful (and warm) in September and October, so a private pool is a great amenity to have... especially since rental rates are already lower in the fall.  

September Weekly Specials:
Many rentals are offering reduced weeks in September:

September - Rent 3 Nights... Get 4th Night Free:
Many owners are also participating in a Short Stay Promotion in September where you can Book 3 Nights... and receive a 4th Night FREE!

Anyone up for a swim?

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Faikka Aikka said...

Sand bridge is bridge that catches the attention of visitors to it. Candoes and house can be rented to enjoy this beach attraction because there is no hotel near the beach attraction. I will definitely visit there again in next month to relish with the pool facility after completed my alexandria tours . Would you like to give me any tip that make my visit unforgettable.

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