Monday, May 19, 2014

Steel Pier Classic & Surf Art Expo

The Steel Pier Classic and Surf Art Expo is the place to be on Memorial Day Weekend in Virginia Beach!  The masters of longboard surfing, as well as offerings from a wealth of talented artists, all come together to embrace the art of surfing.  Come join us for some wave riding bliss!

The main mission of the Steel Pier Classic and Surf Art Expo is to give back to the community by bringing the community together as one.  Any proceeds raised are given to Charity. Everyone in this newly formed club works strictly on a volunteer basis, no salaries, no paychecks, just a love for surfing and the ocean. The love of the "Ocean" is our common denominator. Our vision realizes that surfing is an art (no matter what the medium is…a surfboard or a pen and piece of paper), and we must include all budding artists to share their interpretation of the ocean. 

The water sports featured during this one of kind East Coast Event are treated equal. They will provide the same divisions for shortboarding and longboarding, the same values of the cash purse.  

All participants are entering an event that does not discriminate against their personal love of surfing.  All are embraced! 
From this growing surfing event, The Virginia Beach Surf Art Expo has evolved.  Surfing is a sport, but it’s also an art form.  The culture of surfing has stimulated surf artists for many years.  The Steel Pier Classic and Surf Art Expo embraces the art of surfing in every form... whether it’s observing the sport of surfing, or featuring surf artists along the Va. Beach Boardwalk who create the art of surf on canvas, carvings, film, jewelry, or craftwork. While you're enjoying the Steel Pier Classic, make sure you stop by and check out all the artists on the boardwalk as we celebrate the culture of surfing, and the art of surfing in every form.
A dream and a vision is now the premier waterman's 
festival on the East Coast.

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