Thursday, December 12, 2013

** 15th Annual **
Team Siebert Seminar
Our Team Siebert Seminar this year focused on one single goal – To Make Siebert Realty “The 1st Choice; The Best Choice” for our Owners and Guests!  
Many of our Owners know that each year we close our office for two days to conduct an in-house seminar dedicated to education, training, and team building. 

Utilizing the same detective skills as the great Sherlock Holmes, we spent time inspecting various aspects of our services and analyzing the details that are crucial to the bottom line of our owners and the success of our business.  Brainstorming and problem solving sessions allowed our Team to share clues and give their perspectives on what we can do to work more effectively and efficiently to accomplish our goal.

As Teams, we were also able to inspect over 100 of our Sandbridge Beach Rental Vacation Homes and Condos in preparation for Thanksgiving guest and owner arrivals. We straightened kitchens, taking note of any inventory needed, checked light bulbs, batteries, checked for broken items, any carpet stains, etc. … all the small details that are so important to guests’ overall vacation experiences and owner satisfaction.

Upon close examination, we know that the difference is in the details and that is what makes Siebert Realty and our Team “The First Choice; The Best Choice”.  We're excited about our business and what the coming year will bring!  May this holiday season end this year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh, bright new 2014!

Siebert Realty
The Beach People
Sandbridge Beach - Virginia Beach, VA

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