Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reaching for... NIRVANA!

Team Siebert “Progressive” Seminar
Where We’re Going…NIRVANA!

Our recent Annual Team Siebert Seminar focused on setting specific goals for 2013, and then establishing a plan to reach those goals.  Many of our owners know that each year we close the office for two days and conduct an in-house seminar dedicated to industry education, team building, and creative thinking and problem solving as a team.

This year, we changed it up a bit, and held a “progressive” seminar (much like a progressive dinner)...  spacing the sessions out about a month apart.  Our focus was to determine what we can do so our owners and guests experience “Nirvana”, which we define as a place of delight, rest, and peace when dealing with Siebert Realty.

We realize that we don't just manage properties as much as the "Expectations" of our owners and guests.  So we determined the ultimate goal was to identify what we can do to "Exceed" those expectations each and everyday.  Departments and teams were given specific assignments to come up with innovative ways, brainstorming “outside the box”, to not only solve issues we face in our industry, but to think of creative ideas to make our customer service and company in general even better.

We will be implementing some exciting changes with new programs and services in the year to come - striving hard to reach "Our Nirvana".  We want people to wonder why anyone would consider doing business anywhere else.  Our company seminar was a great learning experience and also gave us time to unwind, bond, have fun, and get to know our fellow team mates on a more personal level.  So with that said...  2013 - "Here we come!"  Better than ever!

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