Monday, February 22, 2016

Girlfriends Getaway!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!
Calling all damsels in d-stress! Spring is the perfect time to take a break from the men (and kids) and get your relaxation on!   So, grab your BFFs and start planning some time all to yourself.

Girlfriend Getaways are so special… and necessary.  They’re basically “camp for women”!   It’s a time to hangout with your best friends and just be yourself. You can shop, eat, explore, pamper, or do nothing at all (guilt-free).  It can be as simple as gathering at the beach with no definite plans each night but to sip some wine, chat, play cards, order pizza, and basically have a fun, giggly girls’ PJ party… to a full weekend of massages, manicures/pedicures, hair salons, shopping, dining, wine tastings, movies or theater, and much more!  Or you can plan an active weekend of golf, bike riding, kayaking, surfing, jogging on the beach, nature walks or tram rides through Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. 

Groups of traveling women can vary in age, marital status, economic level, and reason for travel, but most have in common a multi-faceted life from which they need to “escape”.  We see groups of women that include female family members, bridal parties, high school/college/sorority reunions, or female co-workers... all wanting to bond and reconnect with their life-long "sistas". 

Many women share common interests and are looking to deepen their passions. Your group might be artists, bird watchers, photographers, book club members, quilters, scrapbookers, or even gym buddies looking to step up their daily workout with boot camp on the beach. As a result, today's getaways can be tailor-made to fit such varied travel tastes.

Why Do You Need A Girlfriend Getaway?
To regain your sanity
Food and laughter!
You can talk about anything
You don't have to talk... just enjoy the peace and quiet
Shopping... lots of shopping!
Sleeping in, then taking naps on the beach
Chick flick movie night (with no one rolling their eyes)
Pedicures, manicures, and facials
Poolside cocktails and board games
Did we mention regaining your sanity?  :)

So grab your girlfriends and head to Sandbridge Beach for a weekend of complete relaxation. You deserve it!  Best of all, we have dozens of Spring Specials running, as well as our Promotion:  Book 3 Nights, Get 4th Night FREE (on participating rentals). Simply visit our Siebert Realty website at to get started!

Hope to see you at the beach! 

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