Friday, February 17, 2017

Spending time with family is what a beach vacation is all about.  Long strolls along the beach, sipping coffee as the sun rises over the ocean, building sandcastles, swimming, surfing, collecting shells... not to mention exploring all the sights and sounds and tastes of Virginia Beach. Planning a large family reunion may seem like a daunting task, but it's easy when you call the professionals at Siebert Realty.  We can assist you in finding the perfect house to suit your family's needs and budget. Reunions are so much fun... and necessary, as they provide families with time to reunite with loved ones, while introducing the newest family members, fiancees, spouses, and newborns to the rest of the tribe.  

Beach rentals are perfect for family reunions giving relatives a comfortable and spacious gathering place where they can enjoy their privacy, yet still allow loved ones quality time together under the same roof.  Siebert Realty provides a great selection of large beach home rentals at, as well as family-friendly activities to make your family reunion truly memorable.  

Want to make your reunion extra special?  Consider these fun and creative ideas for your next family gathering:

Custom T-Shirts:
Consider having Family Reunion T-shirts made for everyone. You can even have color coded shirts to show your side of the family.  Check out this clever idea where cousins are numbered in order of birth & each side of the family (siblings) have the same t-shirt color. Love it! 

Family Competition:
Set up games throughout the week and spark a bit of healthy "competition" between family members. Whether volleyball, cornhole, cards, paddle board races, or even contests for the best sandcastle, games keep us young and bring families together in a fun way. Rack up points daily and have a "championship celebration" on the last day. Winners will enjoy bragging rights until the next reunion! 

Display Vintage Beach Photos:
Consider making several posters (displayed on easels) or perhaps a special photo album for the coffee table filled with vintage pictures of your most senior family members. Try to find photographs showing them as young children "at the beach".  It's a fun way to share your family's history, while allowing the kids to see their grandparents in a whole new light!

Seafood Feast:
What would a beach vacation or family reunion be without great food?  Be sure to pick a night during your stay to have a huge Seafood Feast!  Set up tables on the deck, cover with newspaper, and spread out steamed oysters, clams, crabs and shrimp ready for cracking and peeling.  Be sure to dive in and "make a mess" - that's part of the fun! 

Beach Portrait:
At Siebert Realty, we feel that preserving precious family memories is an important part of the "Sandbridge Vacation Experience". Therefore, we offer all our guests a FREE PORTRAIT SITTING ($200 value) through It's a Colorful Life... all compliments of Team Siebert! 
Facebook Group Page
Creating a family reunion "Facebook Group" is free and a great way to keep everyone connected and in the loop.  It's better than a basic "friend page" because everyone is authorized to chime in and post comments and photos on the wall.   It's also a great way to keep everyone informed if there are any changes in plans.  Those family members who can't attend can also see what they'll miss this year and perhaps it will encourage them to make the next reunion.  

Hope to see you at the beach! 

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