Thursday, July 24, 2014

East Coast Surfing Championship
August 17 - 24, 2014
Photography - Travis Owney

The Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships is a major professional and amateur event for the United States Surfing Federation. Each year, several hundred surfers... from kids to masters compete for East Coast surfing titles, prizes, history and the sheer love of surfing!  

Other beach oriented sports and recreation include skimboarding, volleyball, a boardwalk 5K run, street skate and ramp contests, swimsuit contests, food and drink concessions, and live music on the beach.  So get your "Surf On" and join us at this exciting local event... there's something for everyone!  **CLICK HERE** for more info!

History of Virginia Beach Surfing
Check out this video highlighting the history of Virginia Beach Surfing featuring personal interviews with many of the "Local Legends" of our area including Wes Laine, Bob Holland, Bill Frierson, Butch Kitchin, Pete Smith, and Shep Jordan. This is an awesome snapshot into not only how surfing came to our beach, but also the overall evolution of the sport. Great video!   

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Come be a part of this local surfing celebration!  Hope to see you at the beach.  :)  

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge
July 26, 2014
The Crab is King at this one-of-a-kind event that’s fun for the whole family! The Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge will be held at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront right on the beach at 30th Street from 10:00am-2:00pm on Saturday, July 26, 2014.  This is a free event.

The Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge was named to's 2010 list of the Wackiest Summer Events in America and to the New York Daily News 2012 list of the top 10 Wackiest Festivals in the WORLD.  Last year, a film crew from the popular BBC children’s show “All Over the Place,” broadcast in Scotland, filmed the event.  Approximately 300 hermit crabs participate in the Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge each year.  Many of these come from out of state just to be with us!

Registration begins at 9:30am and all participants must be registered by noon in order to race.  Preliminary hermit crab races lead to the Crustacean 500, where the winner is awarded the “Order of the Mercury Claw” trophy.  Crabs race on a specially-designed circular track, where all the “crabtestants” are placed in the center. At the sound of the starting horn, crabs scurry to the outer ring of the track. Whichever claw crosses the line first wins.  It’s the survival of the “crabbiest!”

Along with the Crustacean 500 race, participants may enter the Miss Curvaceous Crustacean Beauty Pageant.  At the pageant, hermit crabs are presented in uniquely-decorated displays and judged on beauty and creativity.  Hermit crab owners are encouraged to build a unique display for their crabs.  Past winners have included themed entries like “Spider Crab,” “Hermit the Hulk,” “Beauty and the Crab,” and “Pirates of the Crabibbean!” 

Aside from 1st, 2nd, And 3rd Place winners, special trophies are also awarded for the Friendliest Crab, Biggest Crab, Shyest Crab, Most Unique Crab Display, Prettiest Crab Shell, Most Athletic Crab, and Most Traveled Crab. ALL participants will receive a medal for being a part of the Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge. There are no fees for entering the Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge; the event is free for both participants and spectators.  For more info on the event, visit The Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sandbridge Pig Picking

35th Annual Sandbridge Pig Picking
September 6, 2014   1- 5 PM
Little Island Park - Sandbridge Beach

Come out and join the Sandbridge locals for a fun day at Little Island Park at the southend of Sandbridge Beach. The Pig Picking features all-you-can-eat food and drinks, as well as live bands and even local art and crafts on sale. Siebert Realty will also have a table set up under the tents. We have some fun FREE GIVEAWAYS, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

•  Catering by Beach Bully

•  Artisans & Crafters Galore!
•  Music by Tinna Sinnen
•  Bobby the Clown for the Kids

This is the big **End of Summer Party** for the Sandbridge community, in addition to a tribute to our volunteer rescue squad (all proceeds go to support the squad). 1 – 5 pm / For ticket information, contact Siebert Realty at 877-422-2200 or 757-426-6200.

To all locals, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your support of our Volunteer Rescue Squad by being a Sponsor of the Pig Picking - plus having a great time with friends and neighbors!  The Rescue Squad does not conduct mail fund drives. The Pig Picking and Summer Bingo provide 95% of our funds. The volunteers stand ready to help you ALL YEAR so let’s help them on this ONE day!  

Tickets Now Available at Siebert Realty!
Sponsorships are $100 which include two $35 tickets, sponsor badges, and individual recognition in the program.  Individual Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at Siebert Realty at 601 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.  

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Chalk The Walk ARTsplosion

July 12, 2014

Chalk the Walk ARTsplosion takes over the Virginia Beach Boardwalk from 10:00 am-5:00 pm on Saturday, July 12, 2014 as hundreds of artists and “wanna-be artists” gather to turn the boardwalk into an impromptu canvas of color!  Artist registration will be on the boardwalk at 17th Street, and art will be displayed for two blocks between 17th and 15th Streets.

At Chalk The Walk, participants draw four by four foot chalk drawings for three blocks along the boardwalk. The theme this year will be "Superhero Superstars" and participants are encouraged to incorporate this theme into their work. Whether a superhero character from your favorite comic, movie (animated or live-action), book, or TV show, this year's theme will no doubt inspire all of our artists to turn the Virginia Beach boardwalk into a dynamic, colorful world of fantasy!  

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Photos by Beach Street USA

Friday, June 27, 2014

Stars & Stripes Explosion
July 4, 2014
Multiple live performances on oceanfront stages will attract thousands of visitors and residents of Virginia Beach to a “star-spangled” salute on July 4th.  

The city's exciting Stars & Stripes Explosion will offer something for everyone – Patriotic and Classical to Motown, and tributes dedicated to Bruce Springsteen, British Rock and Pop from the 60’s and 70’s, Billy Joel, and Elton John.

From 8:00pm-9:30pm, a stage erected right on the beach at 20th Street will become the focal point for performances featuring “Symphonic Springsteen” (“Bruce in the USA” tribute band) with Symphonicity (the symphony orchestra of Virginia Beach), and the Virginia Beach Chorale.  Symphonicity’s concert will feature patriotic, Broadway, and classical selections.  “Symphonic Springsteen” will include “Born in the USA” and “American Land.”  “Bruce in the USA” tribute band numbers like “Dancing in the Dark,” “Born to Run,” and “Pink Cadillac” will celebrate the musical genius of Bruce Springsteen.  “Bruce in the USA” is much more than just another tribute.  This high-energy musical experience is a note-perfect and visually-accurate recreation of a Bruce Springsteen & The E. St. Band show.

The show will segue into a spectacular fireworks show at 9:30pm that promises to explode over the ocean in a burst of colors and patterns! 

Chester B’s Motown Tribute Show will fill the 17th Street Park stage with the smooth sounds of R&B from 8:00pm-10:30pm.

The English Channel will take center stage at the 24th Street Park from 8:00pm-10:45pm.  Formed in 2001, The English Channel authentically recreates British rock and pop from the mid ‘60’s to the mid ‘70’s.  Their program includes music by the Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark 5, The Kinks, The Hollies, Petula Clark, The Who, Dusty Springfield, Moody Blues, The Animals, The Zombies, The Yardbirds, Herman’s Hermits and many others. The English Channel represents the second “British Invasion” of America!

Tribute bands playing the music of Billy Joel and Elton John will take over the 31st Street stage from 8:00pm-10:30pm.  “52nd Street” perfectly recreates the music of Billy Joel, while “Captain Fantastic’s” tribute to Elton John will have the audience dancing in the park.

All concerts are free and open to the public. 

Entertainment Schedule:
17th Street Park:
8:00pm-10:30pm, Chester B’s Motown Tribute Show

20th Street Stage on the Beach:
8:00pm-9:30pm, Symphonic Springsteen with Symphonicity and the Virginia Beach Chorale, and Bruce in the USA (Bruce Springsteen tribute band)

9:30pm, Fireworks

24th Street Park:
8:00pm-10:45pm, The English Channel

31st Street Park:
8:00pm-10:30pm, 52nd Street (tribute to Billy Joel) and Captain Fantastic (tribute to Elton John)

Stars & Stripes Explosion is sponsored by the UTZ, Oceanfront Inn, Pepsi, Monster Energy, the City of Virginia Beach, and Integrated Management Group.  Photos by Beach Street USA.

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Come be a part of this "EXPLOSIVE" July 4th celebration! 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Return of the Lotus Flowers

Vacationers and local Virginia Beach residents are once again welcoming the return of native American lotuses, which are in full bloom at the Lotus Garden Park near Sandbridge Beach.

The native American wildflower, which bloomed profusely in that creek during the early and mid-20th century, died during the late 1960s, but then began to return a few years ago. We're happy to report that the waters are once again covered with the massive yellow pods for all to enjoy!

The lotus garden is located on Sandbridge Road across the street from the Tabernacle United Methodist Church.  The native American lotus, officially called the Nelumbo Lutea, is the city flower of Virginia Beach.  The tubers, leaves and seeds once served as an important food source for Native Americans.  Because the yellow lotuses are protected, it is illegal to tamper with or pick the flowers or plants.  Kayaking is permitted in the area. 

Be sure to stop by and see the beautiful Lotus Garden on your next visit to Sandbridge.  It truly is a sight to behold, especially now that the garden is in bloom.  It's a once a year event, so don't miss it! 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

from a Kayak! 

Beautiful Back Bay is truly a special place where state of being and setting merge.  Its wildlife sanctuary will leave you in awe as you watch osprey fly by to nest... spot, egrets, herons, ducks, and otters.  When you're not at the beach, you can retreat to the peaceful bay for a little canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, dock fishing, or crabbing.  And at the day's end, picture how relaxing it would be to unwind to the brilliance of a romantic sunset over Back Bay. So this year, why not introduce your family to the "other side" of Sandbridge!  
Kayak Nature Tours - Let these experienced tour guides "show you the ropes" around Back Bay.  Kayak Nature Tours offers guided tours for adults and children (even beginners).  

No previous experience necessary with professional instructions provided.  Single and double sit-on-top kayaks. Ocean Dolphin Tours - North End of Va. Beach.  

Advance Reservations required.  Daily/Hourly Rentals.  757-480-1999 / 888-669-8368  /  ** Kayak Nature Tours - Click Here **

Kayak Nature Tours - Ocean Dolphin Tours at the North End of Va. Beach.  Check out this video! 

Back Bay Getaways - "Where the road ends... the adventure begins."  Located at the southend of Sandpiper Road with direct access to Back Bay and the ocean, they offer the best in outdoor equipment, and their knowledgeable staff will assist you in getting geared up and underway.  

They provide both guided tours and daily rentals, and can even outfit you for an overnight camping trip to the remote beaches of False Cape State Park.  No prior experience necessary, and they tailor every trip to your personal needs.  

757-721-4484  /

Moneysworth Kayak Rentals - If you prefer to venture out on your own without a tour guide, Moneysworth has kayak rentals available for your enjoyment.  Best of all, they offer free delivery to and pickup from your rental unit.  800-622-2122  /  757-468-3999  /

Want to vacation right on beautiful Back Bay? Many of our furnished Sandbridge Vacation Beach Home Rentals are located right on Back Bay with boat docks and breathtaking water views! 

Search for discounts and availability at  See you on the water!

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