Monday, July 18, 2016

Capt. Jack's Pirate Ship Adventure

Capt. Jack's Pirate Ship Adventure

LIKE PIRATES? Climb aboard the 65 ft. Spanish Galleon, “The Lost Pearl”, as it sails the high seas in search for lost treasure. **Click Here** for Capt. Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures! It's a must do on your next Virginia Beach visit. Aaargghh! 

Letter from Capt. Jack...

Ahoy There, Me Hearties!

Jump aboard the Lost Pearl and we’ll set sail for adventures on the high seas in search of treasure! I only want the bravest pirates on board my Spanish galleon ship - because I’m expecting some trouble from that scallywag Blackbeard - but if you think you’ve got what it takes to handle a water cannon, then you’re welcome to join my gang! The truth is - I need your help, mateys! 

Blackbeard has stolen my treasure and I need a strong, fighting crew of pirates to help me get it back!

We’ll be docked in the port of Inlet Station Marina and from there we will set off to explore the seven seas of Virginia Beach. To keep us entertained on the voyage, my pirates will put on a show for you and you can join in as we sing sea shanties and dance the limbo. I know that being a pirate is hungry work, so there's a snack bar on board where ye can trade a bit of yer treasure fer some grub! We’ll keep an eye out for dolphins too, because they love pirates and often swim alongside us on our travels.

Then we’ll get down to the real business. We’ll search for that wicked Blackbeard and when we find him we’ll have to fight him and his evil men! Don’t worry; my trusty ship is equipped for battle. We’ll let loose the fury of my water cannons to win back our treasure, which I’ll happily share with you to thank you for helping me.  For all you older pirates, who like a drop of rum while you are seafaring, we offer a full cash bar, or you could join us for a 21+ cruise.

So if you are a pirate, or a pirate at heart, if you are fearsome and fearless, with a taste for nautical fun and adventure, then sign up to join my gang and I’ll welcome you aboard the Lost Pearl.

From one pirate to another - I look forward to meeting you soon… if you dare!
Shivers Me Timbers!  
~ Capt. Jack

Pirates' Quarters:
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So Mateys, as Capt. Jack always says... adjust your eye patch, grab your sword, and let's get this adventure started!    

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Vacation Beach Home and Condo Rentals
Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, VA
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