Friday, June 20, 2014

June  20th
National Flip Flop Day!

It's one of the most basic items in your closet, but it has a long history. The name "flip flop" comes specifically from the sound the sandals make when they slap between the sole of your foot and the floor.

This particular type of sandal originated as early as the Ancient Egyptians in 4000 BC, and the oldest known pair is on display at the British Museum from 1500 BC. This pair is made from papyrus, but just as a huge variety of cultures have worn these sandals through the years, they've used a great variety of materials.

Papyrus and palm leaves were the most common materials used in Ancient Egypt, while rawhide was the material of choice among the Masai of Africa. In India, these sandals were mostly made with wood, and many used rice straw in China and Japan. Of course, in modern times, most cultures have moved to leather, rubber and other sturdier textiles.

So come on... let's celebrate this awesome addition to our beach attire together!  Whether you're wearing the basic rubber flip flops or an expensive leather pair, break them out and wear them proudly!  Today... your toes get to B-R-E-A-T-H-E!  :) 

Have a Happy Flip Flop Day!  

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