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How To Plan A Family Reunion!

Like most of us, family means EVERYTHING!  Unfortunately, most family members can be spread across several states, and it's often difficult getting everyone together.  Planning a family reunion at Sandbridge Beach is a great way to reunite with loved ones.  It provides the perfect backdrop so you can relax, bond, and reminisce with family about years gone by... and especially offers you the opportunity to spend time with "newer" family members be it spouses or little bundles of joy!

Siebert Realty has a wide selection of beach home and condo vacation rentals, and many are large enough to accommodate the entire family with up to 13 bedrooms... sleeping 30 people.  Making arrangements early on these larger homes is always a wise choice, as they tend to rent quickly. 

Here are a few tips in the planning process:

·         Book Early for the best selection!

·         Hold your family reunion in the Off-Season
If some family members are on a tight budget, it may be a good idea to hold the reunion during the off season when rental rates are low.  The spring and fall seasons are beautiful here at Sandbridge Beach.  Best of all, outdoor swimming pools are still open for guest's use in September on through mid October.

·         Plan your reunion around a BIG Family Event!
Planning your family reunion around a BIG EVENT such as a milestone Grandparent's Birthday or Golden Anniversary is always fun.  You can make it into more of a celebration than a reunion with cake, balloons, a "roast", and be sure to bring plenty of vintage pictures to mark the passage of time. 

·         Decide on the size of your Family Reunion
We have beach homes and condos of all shapes and sizes.  Even a smaller reunion can be fun and also can cut down on cost.  So deciding on the number of attendees is always the first place to start in the planning process.  Text or email all your family members to get an idea of who is coming, how many bedrooms they will need, and what kind of budget they have.  If you plan on having a large reunion, it may be necessary to rent more than one house, so feel free to call our rental agents at Siebert Realty to go over your needs.  We can help find multiple accommodations close to each other.  Simply call 877-422-2200 or go online at to check availability.  

Creating a family reunion "Facebook Group" is free and a great way to keep everyone connected and in the loop.  It's better than a basic "friend page" because everyone is authorized to chime in and post comments and photos on the wall.   It's also a great way to keep everyone informed if there are any changes in plans.  Those family members who can't attend can also see what they'll miss this year and perhaps it will encourage them to make the next reunion.  You can also create a reunion Pinterest account so that you can have fun setting up pin boards of your accommodations, pictures of Sandbridge Beach, your planned activities, local restaurants, and more!

·         Bring Old Photo Albums
Connecting and reminiscing about old times is always a favorite pastime at family reunions.  Especially for the elderly family members.  So be sure to bring old photo albums so that older members can go down memory lane and can also pass along family stories to the younger generation.  And if it's a special milestone birthday or anniversary, it can be fun to blowup vintage pictures to poster size and scatter them throughout the house. 

·         Plan Fun Family Activities
Ask family members what they like to do... especially what their kids love to do.  Or encourage them to post what they love on your Facebook Page or Pinterest account.  You can’t please everyone, but you can plan activities ahead of time to keep people entertained.

  • Rent a Karaoke Machine.

We hope this will help head you in the right direction in getting started on your own Family Reunion.  Remember that in the end, it's all about spending time together and renewing family bonds, and we're here to help make that happen.  Have a great time everyone... and stay connected!

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