Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boardwalk Art Show

June 14 - 17, 2012

The Boardwalk Art Show and Festival, presented by SunTrust, is one of the oldest and best outdoor fine art shows on the Eastern seaboard, and this year will mark our 57th year. For more info, visit
The show is consistently ranked in Sunshine Artist Magazine’s Top 50 fine art Shows. With an average attendance each year or more than 200,000, this four-day festival is one of the most popular in Virginia, attracting collectors and artists from across the nation. The show runs along the Virginia Beach boardwalk from 17th Street to 32nd Street, overlooking the sandy beach and Atlantic Ocean.

The History of Boardwalk Art Show
In 1952, a small group of artists presented an outdoor art show at the boardwalk, with the proceeds benefiting a fellow artist who had fallen ill. Those artists later formed an organization which is today the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). In 1956, the first official Boardwalk Art Show was held. Top prize was $25 and 104 artists participated. Today, Best in show wins $10,000 and the Boardwalk show is ranked as on of the top 100 outdoor art shows in the country.
The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is a non-profit, non-collecting institution, which means the artwork in the galleries changes every 3-4 months. MOCA's mission is to promote exploration and understanding of the significant art of our time. So while you won't see Old Masters, you're guaranteed to see something cutting edge and different each time you visit! MOCA also offers a variety of educational programs and classes for the community.

2012 Artist Listing - Click Here
Show will be held along the Boardwalk from 20th St to 32nd St.
10-6pm, Sun.10-5pm

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